The Tale of Despereaux
Riley Hughes

The book I read is The Tale of Despereaux by Kate Dicamillo. I picked it because my friends Highly recommended it. I also saw a television commercial that made it look good and funny. It interested me why on the cover of the book Despereaux was running with red thread around his waist and a needle tied to it. The book was a little boring at the beginning but it started getting better and better and was really good by the end.
The story takes place in a big castle where there lived a brave mouse named Despereaux, a not so bright girl named Mig, an evil mouse named Roscuro and a beautiful princess name Pea. The story is about a mouse that is different than all the other mice. He can read, he’s not afraid of people, and he likes the king’s music.
Despereaux lives in the castle with his mom and dad and brothers and sisters. There was a dungeon in the castle. Roscuro lived in the dungeon with a bunch of other rats. Mig’s father traded her to a stranger for a handful of cigarettes, a hen, and a red table cloth. One of the king’s men discovered that the stranger owned a girl and took her away and back to the castle. Mig wanted to become a princess like Pea. Roscuro wanted to get revenge on Pea and knew the Mig wanted to be a princess. So he fooled Mig into thinking she would become a princess if she took the Pea down to the dungeon. Roscuro told Mig she would never be a princess once he had Pea. The climax of the story is when Despereaux went down to the dungeon to save Pea. Despereaux was going to kill Roscuro but Pea stopped him because if Roscuro was dead, they would never find their way back. The story was resolved by Roscuro showing them their way back. Roscuro was willing to do that if they would let him have soup in the kitchen and get out of the dark dungeon.
Some parts of the book made me feel happy for example when Despereaux met the princess. Sometimes I felt nervous for example when Despereaux went to the dungeon to save the princess. Reading this story I’ve learned that even if you are different you can still get along. Even if you are a mouse or a human, a dog or a cat, you can still get along. I also learned that sometimes people are mean because they are unhappy but become nice as they become happier.
If I was the author I would make the beginning of the story shorter and have more action in it. If I to rate this book from one to ten I would pick eight. I think the book is really good and I will recommend it to people like my friends did to me.